Niagara Handcrafted Bracelet


100% handcrafted in Colombia!

The core product is an articulated collection of bracelets produced in different widths, easily adjustable to any desired length by a distinctive knotting system. The bracelets are beaded with class A quality glass beads or woven on ancient looms (Egyptian looms) with a variety of vibrant colors and materials, such as silver, brass or recycled rubber and tin.  The center silver symbol, such as peace, friendship, love, circle of energy, is either hand hammered and crafted or individually created with a technique called filigree, a craftsmanship which consists of shaping an exceptionally thin silver thread into a symbol.

Mishky supports women & children by accessing families in need through numer- ous Foundations. With “Mi mamá para mi” (“My mom for me”), Mishky trains women of low income areas to become expert artisans. Teaching techniques and improving skills, allows them to work from home, generate revenue, and provide their children with attention, support, and parent guidance that they so much need. Mishky’s mothers working for “Mi mamá para mi” provide an honorable living for their families, instilling in their children the concept of working with dignity and ethics.


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